Dried figs

dried fig

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Iranian figs are also known as small/baby figs, and the main characteristic of Iranian baby figs can be identified as being dry, hard and wrinkled.

Dried figs are high in potassium which may contribute to normal muscle function. Not only that, dried figs are high in fiber and a source of vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, copper and manganese.They’re also remarkable for their phenolic content, a type of antioxidant.
Figs have numerous edible seeds inside the fruit that are generally hollow, unless pollinated. Pollinated seeds are the ones that give the dried figs their characteristic nutty taste.

One ounce of dried figs has 3 grams of fiber. Fiber may help alleviate constipation and keep you feeling full longer. It may also help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. Figs are a good source of calcium, which can ward off osteoporosis as well as other health issues.

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