Zahedi dates

zahedi date

Zahedi dates

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Zahedi is a major dried date species with an enormous yearly yield. The date can be seen as the most common type of date fruit in Iran and can be cultivated in most of Iran’s tropical cities. The biggest part of this product is consumed in domestic markets, but due to high-quality production growth over the last years, this product has been exported.

they have a rich nutty flavor which is often reminiscent of peanut butter with a slight taste that brings dried apricots to mind.

Zahedi dates are medium-sized and oval in shape. They have light brown skin and a thick, golden inner meat that encloses a single seed.

the firm chewy texture of the Zahidi makes it a perfect baking date for recipes that call for date pieces. Complimentary flavors include chocolate, maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cream, butter, coconut, orange, ginger, rosemary, dark rum, brandy, nuts, fresh cheeses, poultry, pork, and bacon.

also available in: Persian Chinese

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